Since 1916 

The Chowgule Group was established in 1916 - starting off as traders of various commodities between India and the Middle East. 

The real opportunity for growth and diversification came in 1951, with the establishment of western India's first mechanized mining operations. This operation paved the way for vertical and horizontal diversification and business expansion in various engineering and social sectors. 

Today, the Chowgule Group remains a family owned and professionally managed business. Operations include mining, pelletization, ship building, ship repairs, shipping, ship agency, warehousing, industrial explosives, salt, gases, material handling equipments, construction chemicals, automobile dealerships, trading and education. 

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Maritime Capabilities

Chowgule & Co. Shipbuilding - 2 ship yards capable of building vessels of up to 7000 DWT. The facilities include state-of-the-art plate cutting, pipe bending, painting and welding technologies. Today, the yards supply multipurpose vessels to a host of Dutch, German and European clients.

Lavgan Dockyards - A dedciated ship repair operation located in Ratnagiri district of Mahrashtra. The facility is centered around a Lloyds Certified 12,500 tonne gross hoist lift capacity Rolls Royce Naval Marine Synchrolift. The yard is capable of simultaneously repairing 6 vessels on dry repair berths and 2 vessels on wet repair berths. 

Chowgule Steamships and Chowgule Shipping Group - Owns and operates 5 vessels for bulk cargo from Handysize to Panamax size. Also owns 6 chemical tankers.  

Chowgule Brothers - A turnkey supply chain and shipping service provider with decades of experience in shipping agency, freight forwarding, insurance, customs brokerage, ship brokerage, warehousing, P&I correspondence and consultancy.


Kanhojiraje Angré

An Admiral of outstanding ability, Kanhojiraje Angré took over the reins of the Maratha fleet in 1699. For three decades he led his sailors from one victory to another against invaders using the sea route. It was Angré who was chiefly responsible for raising the naval prestige of Maharashtra. 

For the Martha Navy, Angré developed dockyard facilities to build an armada of 10 grabs of 400 tonnes and 50 gallivants of 120 tonnes.

Inspired by his unparralleled achievements, the Chowgule Group has dedicated our modern cargo port infrastructure facilities in his name. 

The three brothers under whose stewardship the Chowgule Group undertook its major expansion from the 1950s onwards. Seated from left: Yashwantrao Chowgule, Vishvasrao Chowgule and Laxmanrao Chowgule

Portrait of Kanhojirae Angré